Jan Kölling

In the City of Haarlem.

The Netherlands.

Artist / Image Designer / Poet.

Tanglewood / Dynamo productions.

 I offer:     
Digital Art.

Mnemosyne / Full Catastrophe Living.


Sculpting the "Self" from many different Sides, with many different Tools, in many different Directions.

Nothing Original here, just trying to prepair a decent Meal with "Stolen Food" and "Left-overs".

Digital Camera / Computer / Self Developed Software.


Private teaching in Sculpture making and Painting.

1981 - 1991 - Worked as an Art Curator at the "Stelling Gallery Foundation".

1980 -2000 - Made Exhibitions all over Europe.

Jan Kölling has works in Private and Public Collections for the most in his home country the Netherlands.

2000 -2003- Was not able to work because of illness, - had to stop Painting and Sculpture making.

2003 - 2008 - Started creating his Digital works and made his profile as a Digital Artist.

Jan Kölling has a degree in Digital Design.

Jan Kölling participated as an Artist in the International Digital Arts Exhibition - 2007* Hungary - Veszprem.

Jan Kölling participates in "Arte Digital por la Paz".

· Sala Municipal de exposiciones de Torredelcampo -Jaén- (del 26 marzo al 11 abril de 2008)
· Escuela de Arte José Nogué -Jaén- (del 21 al 30 de abril 2008)
· Universidad de Jaén (del 12 al 16 de mayo 2008)
· Escuela de Arte Gaspar Becerra de Baeza -Jaén- (del 2 al 6 de junio 2008)

Upcoming Exhibitions:

Galeria Arte 79, - Curitiba Brasil in April 2009.

From every Artwork  Prints are available;  Signed and in Limited Editions at: -

Large Sized Atworks are available Printed on Luminescent Brushed Aluminum.
Please contact me by E-Mail for Information about Prices and available Size.

All Copyrights are owned by: "Tanglewood Dynamo productions", 1980 - 2007.

Important Sites:
Visit: -The Open Galleries -   // "Donnie 2008" eight annual Digital Art contest.

Favourite Quote:

I'd rather be an Apostle than a Genius.

                                Sören Kierkegaard   1810 - 1855.